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Biased Haru and troubled dad []

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All of them

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Obama on gay adoption 

You the man

fucking beautiful




Obama on gay adoption 

You the man

fucking beautiful

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While the celebration for their families got louder and more raucous, the two newly promised princes met each other for the first time in a quiet, snowy courtyard as their fathers looked on.  

"This is Prince Thor of Asgard, Loki," Laufey told his son.  "Your betrothed."  Loki toddled closer to the fur-swaddled Aesir, his cheeks reddened and his little nose running in the cold.

"Mine," the Jotun prince declared.  His hands, deceptively strong and quick for his size, lunged for Thor and clamped into determined little fists in his lush furs.

"He will indeed be yours, my treasure," Laufey told him fondly.  "If he ever proves worthy."  The Jotun king did not sound like he thought that likely.

"Mine." Loki agreed, tugging on Thor’s cloak so hard he nearly toppled them both.

"No!" Thor pulled back.


"No!"  Loki squared his jaw, reared back, and butted Thor with the blunt buds of his unsprouted horns.  Thor fell over with a surprised yell.

Mine.” Loki told him.  He crawled into the bundle of furs with his fiancee and pinned him to the ground, heedless of Thor’s squalling protest.  ”Mine now," he murmured as he settled in.  

An hour later, Frigga and Laufey disentangled the pile of sleeping infant princes so they could be put to bed.

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thorloki modern au where thor and loki are dating for a few months and they go to a bar that has a karaoke night and thor goes up and sings “come on eileen” but replaces “eileen” with loki and back at their table loki is covering his face but laughing and then he realizes he is in love with that goofball

Loki can’t believe what an idiot Thor is. He can’t believe he’s dating this idiot. And he really can’t believe that he can’t seem to stop smiling. 

He peeks through his fingers as the chorus starts, quickly covering his eyes again when he catches a glimpse of some horrendous dancing that Thor has decided to bring into this whole routine. He’s glad the music is loud enough to hide the strange squeal of laughter that just came out of him.

"Come on LOW-KEY," Thor shouts into the mic, doing his best to smother the back up vocals. "Too-loo-rye-ayyyeee!

The other bar goers howl with laughter and hoot, only encouraging Thor to sing louder and more badly. Loki dares to look at the stage again and catches Thor’s eye. He winks in Loki’s direction and shimmies his hips out of time with the song. Loki can’t do anything but shake his head and laugh. Thor laughs too, cackling so hard he can hardly manage to get the words out, folding into himself as the music goes on.

Loki’s stomach aches and his cheeks burn from smiling and laughing so hard. His heart is beating hard in his chest and he’s not sure if he’s ever felt like this before. He peeks again and kicks his feet beneath the table as Thor barely manages to keep up, shouting Loki’s name over the song once more. He shuts his eyes even tighter.

If this were anyone else, Loki would be plotting their murder right now, but  instead his embarrassment(there are people looking at him, hollering and pointing as Thor’s yells his name to the goddamn ceiling) is outweighed by warmth and happiness. He wants to kiss Thor right now. Right on his stupid lips that keep singing horribly. He wants Thor nuzzle his neck, like he always seems to do when he gets drunk off his ass, and feel the warmth of his reddened cheeks and the scratchiness of his beard on his skin.

His stomach flips as the words pop into his head. What’s worse is that they don’t fill him with dread or make him want to run far, far away. It all settles in his mind easily, seems to fit nicely with Thor. He moves his index finger and opens one eye. He cackles when Thor flips his hair dramatically and smolders for the crowd.

He’s in love with the damn idiot, and everything feels right in the world.

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Just do it with the real one (⇀‸↼‶)

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This is G-Dragon giving a TOP doll a lap-dance in a maid outfit. Seems like someone misses their hyung

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GD&TOP and the aA Design Museum

I don’t like GTOP because I believe or want them to be a real couple, I like them because their chemistry, their past and their story. It’s amazing to see that they’re friends that can inspire each other and can get inspired together.

Lets talk about their story with aA Design Museum. This place is a cafe-museum very liked by both. The owner, Myung-Hwan Kim, opened up the place to showcase his furniture collection, what explain TOP’s obsession with the cafe, he even donated a piece of his collection to the museum.

There are a lot of stories of people telling that they saw G-Dragon and TOP there and I like to think of them, drinking some coffee (yeah, “Cafe”) and talking about music, philosophy and art. We just have to see their music to understand how both drink from the same source, they used to like the same artists and it’s really great to see how they have their very own view from their works.

You can tell me about a lot of couples that do fantastic fanservice on the stage, but tell me how many idols have this kind of intellectual binding.

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